interview with Sandra Daukshta | nOIR iNK TATTOO, fRANCE 29/05/2017

Hello Sandra Daukshta! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.

Q: Was it hard to learn tattooing? Did you apprentice?
A: Tattoo art is a life long learning. I'm still struggling everyday to make tattoos the best way I can.I started my apprenticeship in the middle of 2012. I have changed several tattoo studios since then, as well I'm working as guest spot artist in a lot of studios in different countries to meet other artists and learn from them.

Q: What kind of art is your major inspirational source? Do you have any influences?
A: I'm amazed of all kind of arts! I love paintings, the touch of real brush can not compare to anything. If I have free time and inspiration I paint a bit myself. :) As well as a tattoo artist I use a lot of photos for my projects, that's why I love to research photography. I believe that good photography brings an emotion in it, the same as tattooing, every tattoo should bring a certain emotion.

Q: In a few words, how would you describe your style?
A: I don't know how to describe my style, I could call it illustrative realism. Because a lot of tattoos I make are realistic but still with a touch of illustration and I love to add some watercolor or brush strokes to my designs.

Q: Your color use is so great! You can make even dead people to look alive on the skin! :) Do you think that color inks give the tattoo outcome a more realistic vibe?
A: I think that color can give a certain vibe to every tattoo. Any tattoo can look more positive or negative, childish or serious, just by using certain color pallet. For me color use in tattoos is very important.

Q: What details are the hardest to capture on skin?
A: Texture, any kind of it. :D

Q: Would you experiment with a different style someday?
A: I think I will. I love all styles of tattooing, sometimes I wish I would do Japanese or neo traditional. Well it's never to late to learn.

Q: I love the fact that every tattoo you did is a unique design. You draw a lot - every sketch I've seen in your portfolio is so cool. It's like people don't even have to look up for a specific design from the other catalogs- since you've collected so many beautiful illustrations - also photoshoped just like a preview for the placement - Excellent! Guide me a bit.
A: I don't have any sketches in my portfolio. :D But I sometimes post some designs that I would love to work on. :)

Q: Do you allow your clients to bring their own reference images?
A: I always ask my clients to send me some pictures they like so I have the idea what is the current mood they want in the tattoo. Then pictures to work with for the

Q: Where are you based now? I guess you have a very busy schedule traveling and doing guest spots?
A: For now my base is Clermont Ferrand in France, Noir ink tattoo studio. I travel a lot to conventions and guest spots.
To get an appointment with me write to or

Q: Any motivational words for the new artists?
A: Love what you do and you will succeed. :)