interview with Stanimir Stoychev | realistic | color tattoos 01/05/2014

Today we're going to talk with Stanimir Stoychev-Spiro, a tattoo artist from Bulgaria. His studio is called Spiro Tattoo, He's also working as guest spot tattoo artist at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk/Austria. Check out the Facebook Page - Tattoostudio Nadelwerk

 Hello Stanimir Stoychev-Spiro! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
Please start by telling us a little about yourself, and how you got into tattooing? Are you self-taught?

Hello Iva, yes I am self-taught artist. I have never been in artistic school or tattoo seminars. I learn everything by myself and from colleagues and friends artists.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I started 19 years ago, when I was only 15, it was only a hobby, and a few years later tattooing become my job.

Q: What was the hardest aspect in getting into the world of tattooing? Did you take yourself seriously?
A: In the beginning, it was very difficult for me, there was not so much information about this type of art, equipment, inks and everything else. I learned everything at the working place and from my mistakes. After years of working, I made a lot of friends– very good tattoo artists and in conversations with them, I found a lot new things and techniques which helped me to grow.
In this art, you have to believe in yourself and in what you do.

Q: Would you say that dedication is the key of success, even when it comes to art, or talent means a lot?
A: In tattooing, if you have no talent, even to read all the books, watch all the DVDs and buy the best equipment, these things won't make you a TRUE Artist. You will be just one of all.

Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: Yes, I work in different styles because people want different things from me, but one of my preferred style is photo-realism. I love to tattoo things from the nature birds, flowers, animals, bugs, everything alive.

Q: Your color work is impressive. What's the trick when it comes to realistic tattoos?
A: I would say a little bit of both. Playing with the colors on the skin, in the right way, gives amazing results :).

Q: Do you prefer color work, or you enjoy working with black & gray inks too?
A: Color and black and gray tattoos have their beauty. Yes, I love working with colors, but black and gray tattoos are always a great challenge for me.

Q: Any "dream" piece that is in your mind? Something you've always wanted to put on someone's skin? hah
A: Yes, I have a few “dream” pieces in my mind, but they are for my own body :), for the other people I have a lot of interesting ideas.

Q: Tattooing is very creative work. How do you get inspired? Do you draw a lot?
A: No, I don’t draw often. When my client trust me I prefer to make just a simple sketch and then to make something beautiful straight on the skin. Usually I get inspiration from photographs of people, animals, plants, buildings and everything that surrounds me. Also inspire me the work of great artists and tattoo artists from whom we can always learn.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: At the moment I am working in my own shop in Bulgaria and I makes guest spots in different places in Europe.

Bulgaria, Chirpan / Spiro-Tattoo shop
Austria, Wels / Nadelwerk tattoo studio

Q: I bet many tattoos are even not published yet on your portfolio and many people are wearing (proudly) your ink on their bodies! So far, do you feel accomplished? What would be the next step?
A: Yes, that's right, for one or another reason, there are many of my works which are not in my portfolio, but they are where they should be, namely on the skin of their owners. I have many skills that must be developed and improved, and these are my goals for the future. I have never been fully satisfied with what I achieved, because I know that can be better.

Q: What's the most important and the craziest thing that you've learned throughout your art journey?
A: The most important thing I learned is that if you dream about something, you must truly to believe that one day it will happen and all the time to make everything for its implementation. Never give up! The craziest thing is that everyone has their own madness, do not try to figure it out :)

Q: Any tips for the new artists?
A: Believe in yourself and make everything with love!

Please feel free to share your work info/website.
Spiro-tattoo shop/Bulgaria
Tattoostudio Nadelwerk/Austria
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