samoan art| short Interview with Tomasi Suluape 11/05/2009  

Amazing style with black color and grey shadows, something what is old for centuries... Please try to describe this style of tattooing, like his historical sings, what are the most memorable and the most impressionable things which are like a synonym of Samoa... It's a unique style the Samoan tattoo to describe it's very difficult cause many information are coming together from stories legends and Mythology of the old times. The Family The community, the heart of the Samoan people I think it`s the most impressionable.

Q: When did you start tattooing and why did you chose this style as your specialty?
A: I start tattooing back 5 years ago .I was sitting in the stack for around ten years to make drawings with black ink .I worked different styles and techniques but the Samoan culture kept me on a one way train for not loosing my way, It just makes myself feeling good.

Q: What is you biggest inspiration?
A: The Inspiration and muse is my family in Samoa and my good friends who supports me all the time. I have three things I put together in the best way I can. It's Inspiration, Imagination and Intuition. It's some like melody with good rhythm and harmony. hahahah

Q: Many people might be confused with the Maori style of tattooing and Samoan tattoos, what's the difference?
A: To adjudicate about the different styles and mixes would be not good. It isn`t my job.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: Traditional tools and modern machine.


Q: Have you ever try to manipulate with color ink?
A: Hahaha very Interesting question I will have to think about it.

Q: In Samoa to have a Tatau (Samoan Tattoo) is like a family statement, more importantly to the culture itself, it is a synonym of pride, honor and respect. What's the opinion now in this modern world?
A: Some sort of people think it's funny to talk about peace, love and it comes some understandings. For me not! Because there are some rules which are still existing.

Q: People often says that getting a tattoo is painful. What are your thoughts about this?
A: Yes it s painful. You should visit Samoa or Germany to see:)


Q: Are there any possible complications?
A: Depended of the after care! Is also a matter of the climatic situation and where it is, also about the Immune system of the people. There are many factors coming together.

Q: What about the aftercare?
A: Washing with water and sop and a little bit of a oil liquid to keep it soft.

Q: Samoa tattoos are like a sign of one culture, sign of a tradition and self religion. Would you say that this style belongs just for one area, or people get tattoos no matter where they live or their religion?
A: There s a time you can decide how to take the responsibility for your live, your family and your friends and what you going to do with it.


Q: Do you go on tattoo conventions?
A: Not, yet. I will think about this ! Would be nice to work on conventions but I don't know now what the future brings? Hopefully yes I will think for this.

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