Interview with Szabolcs Oravecz | Budapest, Hungary 30/01/2012  

Q: What made you to become an artist?
A: I've always wanted to be a painter. I was drawing and painting all the time in my early years. When I grew up I started to learn, how to do art properly. I went to the College of art and in 2007 graduated as a teacher of art and visual communication. But the most important is the curiosity to find a new way to create. I think that's the "engine" of my art.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have been tattooing since 2005.


Q: What kind of art interested you at the time?
A: I'm really interested of the contemporary art all the time. I got inspiration from other side of art to make better and more interesting tattoos. I really like photographs, installations, concept arts, and of course paintings. Especially photorealism like István Sándorfi or Helnwein, but I like the surrealistic, minimal and constructive art too.


Q: Tattoo art requires full dedication. How much time was necessary to learn tattooing?
A: Yes its true. You need to be patient, humble and dedicated to be a good artist. I'm always looking for something new, that's my way. I think, if I feel I'm ready is the over of my carrier. I always got lot of information from my environment from the magazines and internet. I filter these info and keep few, which is interesting to me mix them and let them out through my needle. I have always developed myself, but since 2009 when I have joined to Dark Art Team I got a lot of advise from Zsolt Sárközi. He helped me a lot to start thinking some new way of tattooing. I know its a long way but I really enjoy it.


Q: Seems like you are passionate in doing color tattoos. Do you consider this style of work as your specialty?
A: Well, Its a hard question, because its a good feeling if the people recognize your style but I don't want to get stuck into one style. I think after years it is rather curse then blessing, if you know what I mean. Its little bit break this way what I have mentioned above. I develop now a brand new visual way of tattooing call " Perfect Chaos", but I've just really started it. We will see.


Q: What is most difficult in doing some color piece?
A: If we talking realistic piece I try to avoid too bright colors, because this colors make the tattoo too "plastic". I use always more "dirty" natural colors. Few years ago I have mixed myself, but Its easy now, because you can get them ready by the big Ink distributors. If somebody make practice with any painting medium its a great experience too. You can find the answer of a several questions in connection with the colors.


Q: There are a lot of tattoo styles. In which designs you find most creative freedom?
A: My new project is based on this "freedom". The customer is just the canvas. I have 100% freehand in the work. Of course you need to have the maximum trust from your customer. Recently I feel the most freedom at the biomechanical and organic pieces and some creative pieces which is made by marker directly on the skin.



Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: The most interesting to me is the all process. How turning an unknown person into my mate, friend whatever and finally how can I win their faith. I have thousands of funny stories like every artist have. One of them wanted a 1 centimeter big Kawasaki motorcycle riding into the sunrise right under his nipple. He got it:)

Q: What would your "dream piece" be to work on if someone completely let you choose the design?
A: My dream pieces are always big tattoos. Backs or sleeves, but If somebody give me his full body it would be awesome. I would try few things that works just on huge pieces. When the tattoo really live together with the costumer. One day I'm going to catch this guy surely:).

Q: What is the best lesson that you've learned from you art journey?
A: My best lesson is really simple. You must stay a true person, whatever happens you need to work hard because nothing comes easily.

Q: What are you feature plans? Please feel free to share your contact info/mail, website etc.
A: I'm going to come out with the "perfect chaos" tattoos before summer, visiting few convention in Europe( you can find the list on my website). My sketchbook is available now, which has been increased by few new pages. Then working and make my customers and myself happy.

Thank you very much!
All the best wishes for everyone.
Szabolcs Oravecz - Dark Art Tattoo, Budapest