interview with Terence Tait | Ink ur Bod | Cairns, Australia 04/05/2015

Hello Terence Tait! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond on our questions for our magazine. It's a great pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you.

Q: Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began?
A: I have always wanted to be a tattoo artist, I was drawing from a very young age , I was obsessed with the 7 up kid fido dido, when I got my first tattoo saw my local tattoo shop in Hamilton I knew this is what I wanted to do , I wanted to do something I loved.

Q: Did you apprentice?
A: Yes, I had normal jobs worked in a steel factory in Hamilton before starting my apprenticeship. I wanted to do it the right way through a shop, learning everything with respect to all the artists that have done it the old school way, all of the artists I look up to have all completed their apprenticeship.

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
I have been tattooing for 10 years and celebrated this year , by tattooing at Motor City in Detroit,which was a blast a absolute honor, to be there among all the talented artists.

Q: You do lots of tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: I'm really enjoying black and grey tattoos, I really do love color, but at the moment I'm enjoying working on detailed black and grey pieces, I generally tattoo what my customers like, I enjoy many different styles, I'm always looking at what is out there it's such an inspiration these days to see such amazing caliber of artists out there.

Q: Clients nowadays, want something really unique, how long does it take to draw their custom tattoo design?
A: Not long at all, if they know what they want I'll generally work with a basic idea and from there I chat with them about their expectations, communicate with them on how they are feeling about the design, I won't push anyone into anything it's for them and I don't want them to regret anything.

Q: Are some negotiations in a while, just trying to get the best ideas for the design?
A: The negotiation is basically all down to color I really enjoy using different color blends and the cool thing is Eternal ink, what I use does that, I will ask them for general preferences, see what they like and then I will do what colors I think and consulting them along the way, making sure that they are happy with the result.

 Q: Would you say tattooing could be an expressive job? How much a custom piece gives a special credit to the artist?
A: I'm proud to say 98 % of the work I do is custom. I will tattoo what my customers would like. I definitely prefer tattooing custom pieces, using my own color blends, I'm very blessed with the fact that my customers are usually totally ok with that and trust me to do what I do and they're happy with the result.

Q: Where are you located now? Please write some basic info about your tattoo studio, email, phone etc.
A: I'm located in Cairns, Australia although I'm originally from Canada. I Live in Cairns, my shop is called "Ink ur Bod".
My vision for this shop is to be a hub of creativity. Art ink whatever we can do, all my artists draw, paint, create art, my staff are funny down to earth and able to do different styles of tattooing and enjoy what they love I'm lucky to have them.  is the main website
for bookings with me directly
is my website for shop bookings emails inquiries, guest spots, conventions.
we have facebook too at Ink ur Bod
and my artists page is Terence Tait Tattoos.
as well as instagram Terence _ Tait
and Cairnsinkurbod01 for the shop .

- How long does it takes to get an appointment? What's the procedure?
At the moment my appointments are generally about a month or more, as I get out there more as an artist I'm starting to book up further I'm very meticulous with planning tattoos for customers and we require deposits to secure bookings, it's a much easier process that way, customers will show 98 % of the time, there is always a reschedule here and there of course, but we always try and work with the customers to get them in when they would like the appointment, that is very important rule at my shop, we are lucky to do what we do and very blessed to be able to tattoo them.

Appointments - are generally done - by email website sheet is usually the best, as I'm starting to travel more, I ask them to be specific about where the tattoo is what the would like to spend, where they would like to be tattooed ie the shop, or a convention or guest spot. Those are usually the most important details.


Q: Funniest experience with the customers? Share some stories :)
A: There are so many, there is one customer completely dedicated to getting tattooed at my shop, he often comes in with stories of how this is the last tattoo, he might go a few months and then he is back in to get another one, super nice guy too very kind always bringing little things into the shop, which I think is the most awesome thing to have clients that appreciate what you do for my long time customers. I try and do things to like include aftercare etc to look after them and show them I appreciate their patronage.

Q: I know being a tattoo artist could be hard at times. You meet lots of people every day, you should be creative, dedicated and patient with each of your clients. What's the hardest part in working as a pro tattoo artist?
A: You do get clients who just want to get tattooed and don't talk much, but often there can be a lot going on in their minds. I always try and chat with my clients as I feel the client bond that you establish with your client is super important, it is how I remember my clients them as a person and the tattoo they have, it gives them good memories we always joke around a lot tell each other stories, they open up and express how they are feeling that is the coolest part of my job.

Q: Artists in general, are constantly trying to progress even more, what's your challenge in this job? Is there any other tattoo style you want to try out and learn the best, or just develop on your own way?
A: The most challenging is asking a client not to get a tattoo that someone already has, if I can be completely honest sometimes I will get a customer bringing in work, I will work hard to make sure they are happy with a design I will create for them, and make sure it's my work, but could be that style, I do this also as most of the time I have met the artists, and I feel it is a respectful thing to do, which is something I'm all about trying to respect an artist's work, create my own tattoos.

Q: Any motivational words for the beginners?
A: For all the people looking to get into the industry, do it the right way. Start a apprenticeship, it really shows how you respect the industry and truthfully you will gain a lot more respect from artists doing it the right way, if you can learn from an artist listen and learn, they will have loads to teach you, if you're listening you will learn so much, make sure when your ready not to be apprentice, if you want to do a certain style make sure you can do it. To truly matter in this industry, work hard put in the time, long hours, hope you have an understanding partner and preserver and you will get there, a good apprenticeship is a hard one, really look for a shop that suits you, make sure they are going to teach you, respect them and they will respect you and you will hopefully develop a great relationship with your leading artist who will train you, if done right, you will know them forever and have that friendship and be able to drop in as you progress as an artist, repaul with them, this is very important if you need a reference, or they know a lot of people in the industry always stay on good terms.

Mr.Terence Tait, Thanks a lot for the interview,
All my best
Iva Kancheska