tattoo | interview with todor penev by iva kancheska 20/10/2014 

Q: Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began?
A: I draw since I remember about myself. I started tattooing two years ago.

Q: Becoming a tattoo artist is not an easy step. How did you learn the basic skill of tattooing? Did you apprentice? How much time took you to get into this (great) level?
A: It's quite an interesting question. I did my first tattoo in my own tattoo studio. I didn't have the time to lean before I opened the shop. I watched the guys how they tattoo and I grew up there, in the ghetto of Sofia.

Q: You also draw a lot, you even work with airbrush. Awesome! Where do you find most creative freedom, in which medium?
A: I've always wanted to work something that requires drawing. I tried airbrush, which a very cool medium, but tattooing is definitely my favorite. Now, I only do tattoos, professionally.

Q: There is something special about your Black & Gray style, something that I really find unique, is your ability to make a mix of realism and fantasy. Really cool. Tell me more about the making process.
A: I really like photorealism but also do not like to steal the work of the cameras. if you want to be an artist you have to work with imagination to create something unique. I never copy everything from the photo just leave the machine to guide me and here's the result.

Q: People nowadays are coming up with lots of different ideas for a tattoo... Seems like the time when tattoos were just a simple design is over. Have you ever changed someone's mind about a certain design, or a placement? Do you negotiate in a while, or you completely rely on your customer's idea?
A: I never do what the customer wants. I always tell my clients if they want a tattoo from me should consider the things I do and if they like it then I'm their tattooist. My only requirement is to find out what they like (birds, people, objects) etc.

Q: Please share some basic info about your shop like links/contact info etc.
A: The studio is located in the Bulgarian city of Sofia St. Costa Lulchev 10 gsm number 0897253904 email



Q: I guess your tattoo schedule is constantly full ;) How long does it takes to get an appointment?
A: Not exactly. You can save time and after 3 to 4 weeks tattooed.

Q: There a few tattoo events in Bulgaria that happens to be really cool shows with people all around the Europe. Do you visit tattoo conventions?
A: I tattoo only two years now, I haven't been so much around events like that, but I would love to, I think It would be fun.

Q: Would you say that those type of events are a great opportunity to meet lost of cool people and get inspired?
A: I think it would be a great experience. I'm pretty self-critical and very few tattooists like how they work exactly, so that's the reason why I want to visit the best events and the best studios in the world, that it's my dream.

Q: What would you say that is like the biggest challenge, instead of progress?
A: I don't know, everything is a challenge.

Q: What would you say to the copy-cats (those who are constantly trying to copy someone's style)?? haha
A: Tell them that they are going in the right direction. If you want to find yourself you have to start somewhere :D

Q: What are your motivational tips for the beginners?
A: Learn of the best artists and be self-critical.