graffiti | art | interview with Tvkillz by iva kancheska 26/12/2014

Hello Tvkillz! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for readers.
Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into art?

Q: Did you have an artistic background growing up?
A: Yeah me and my family lived in an artistic village in Holland called "Groteonzin" so I was surrounded by so called artists and free minds from a young age. Also my mother was a painter and my father a famous poet from Holland. They drove me to this craziness I had nothing to say in the matter. Nowadays I still live in this town, it's not so artistic as back in the days, a lot of hipsters came in, they ruined the vibe a bit so I'm thinking of moving and go live in Berlin. I heard there are no hipsters there.

Q: Why graffiti? How long are you into graffiti?
A: Yeah that is the question that I'm asking myself since I started back in 2012, Why graffiti why not just humping girls in a bad discotheque in Greece. So maybe I quit in 2013 and go to Greece to just do that!

- Would you say that graffiti art is a way of self-expression?
No for me its more mental masturbation, let people see what you can do, make money, be cool, belong to the hipster graffiti scene, I want to be a graffiti GOD. (and I think I am already) I have a famous phrase I always say " Self expression is for losers, Let's make money".

Q: Do you have any influences that helped you in developing your own style?
A: Nope did it all myself. I didn't even knew other people were also doing this until late 2013. It was a shock I though I was unique but then I saw that a bunch of others were doing the same thing only worse off course.

Q: Talking of your style... From bombing to character designs and 3D compositions. Really amazing. Which style you love the most?
A: I like the monkey or 'Hou Quan' style the most. I am also pretty good at that. I started to practice at a young age and now I think I have mastered it. It comes in handy during my endless bombing missions in the Himalaya. But as I am a bit older now I started to get into "Tai shing" style more and more and that helps out a lot when I do my 3 d simple arrow and hand vat style... I'm a bit all-round (and that is not from what I eat, that's how I'm build)

Q: Art is a unique experience for everyone. To me, your art brings lots of joy and excitement. The characters are really eye-catching designs in your portfolio. Do you have any favorite comic characters that you try to draw in your own style?
A: I like toy story 4 I think I bite all my characters from that. For the rest I have a whole group of artists working for me in my studio. I just have to say what I want and they make it just like Hirsh and Banksy. It's much easier cause I can watch Television all day.

Q: Bombing style is probably your primary art obsession, would you consider yourself as a bombing artist, or you don't want to be limited in trying new styles?
A: I am not a graffiti artist I am a graffiti bomber. These are two styles of graffiti that are trying to' you know' co exist with each other ,but it isn't gonna work like that.. Blood wars buddy, Blood wars. Sorry I let myself go a bit. I hate new styles, let everything stick to the old. Vroeger was alles better.

Q: Tell me about the making process, how do you usually develop your basic idea to the final one? Do you use sketchbook?
A: Go to a wall, get your cans, press play and bam... the fresh style is on the wall, burning like crazy (at least when I do it!!:)
I don't have a sketch book, but I have like 56 of other writers below 12 that I ripped off, so I use their styles and they don't even know it!

- What type of spray cans you usually use? Any preferences?
The ones that put paint on the wall, when you press play. Next interview I can say a brand of cans but then they have to pay me for the promotion..Nothing is for free in this world.

Q: I guess you want to travel a lot. How much does the current place you live helps you to get inspired? Where you feel most comfortable?
A: I hate traveling so I never leave the village as I said I have people working for me who do the hard work. I feel most comfortable in bed with two girls and viagra.

- Is there any "dream" piece that is still undone?
Nope done everything a normal man can do in graffiti. I am done lets find another hobby.

Q: Being a graffiti artist could be little hard at times, have you ever had any troubles with the law? My readers would appreciate to hear some of the craziest experiences. haha
A: I do not make the law, I am the law!! So no trouble here and no crazy stories, my life is boring and nothing ever happens. Ow yeah I went out in the street last night to do some of my famous graffiti, but when I got to were I wanted to paint, I realized I didn't take my cans but my girls 'Krulspelden' how fucking crazy is that... so now I'm walking around with curly hair all day.

- Anything you regret?
Yeah eating that bowl of chili last night wow you don't wanna be in the same room with me today!!

Q: It's funny that nowadays, graffiti culture gone to mainstream. We've got the copy-cats, the crazy hipsters and all the fake posers in the social media etc. Not even to mention the Tv shows, the music videos... It's worse or better if you look back, like 10yrs ago... When there were Banksy and other old school artists... What's your opinion about the nowadays styles and the whole mainstream euphoria?
A: I don't know just started out . But from what I heard banksy is the one who put mainstream, copy cats and crazy hipsters on the map... ow no we have a few of these guys were I live as well. They do all you say, Copy, be hip, are really fake etc etc and some people even think these guys are cool for what they do. Especially all their friends think that. Now that I think of that I also wanna be like that. So expect flares, dripping circles, shades, fades etc etc next time I do a piece in 2017.

Is there anything that drives you nuts?
yeah that chili.

Q: How much an artist is able to bring something fresh and new nowadays?
A: Sometimes when I a painting they bring me a fresh sandwich. But the have to or else I rip their black books... so I think there are some artists bringing something fresh, cause if it isn't I refuse to eat it and kick him or her in the nuts.(but only if
they are not older then 12, cause if they are older I start to cry and run away).

Q: Something that I really like about you is your free spirit in experimenting new things. I love the idea of dj and producing music. How did that came up as an idea in your life? Do you still enjoy dj-ing? Tell me more about that story.
A: At the moment I am typing this I'm in jail so not so free, but when I get out again in 2,5 years I will continue to make music, paint and dj I hope... I like the combination... to much of one thing is boring. Only whisky never bores me. My life was never build on an idea, it just happened I just do what I want. I think a lot more people should do that, it's better then complaining all day that you don't like what you are doing blablabla.. you know what it's really easy... QUIT

Q: What's the funniest experience you've had so far, no matter what type of art project you've been working on?
A: Having a blow job when I was playing by two girls, the only bad part was that the whole room saw it and I thought they couldn't. I noticed the room getting fuller and fuller and I thought that I was playing really well... Until I saw myself on the 5x5 m
big screen or at least I saw two girls on that screen moving their head under the dj table pffff... the bad part was that it was the girlfriend of the organizer. So I never got booked there again... But I still see his girlfriend every week so who is laughing

Q: Your life story is really inspiring, from graffiti to toy design, dj-ing, what else? Do you still enjoy partying & painting graffiti as much now, or do you feel jaded at all, do you still have the enthusiasm?
A: Nope I hate it all, I just do it for the mountains of cash I get.

Q: What career achievement you're post proud of? Anything that is like a highlight that inspires you even more now, to begin something new in the near feature?
A: I don't feel that I have a career so I can't point anything out. I just do random stuff a career is when you focus on one thing and try to be the best. I do everything for fun so.

- What's the usual progress idea?
Being able to do nothing all day and watch TV.

Q: Since you've got your name out, been featured in many magazines, such as Bomber, True Colorz, Xplizit Graffics, Tuff Stuff, Fat cap etc, As an artist, what are some of your greatest obstacles you face while making your art?
A: Being to lazy to get into the street is my main obstacle,and my fat wife who always hassles me when I try to go out. She doesn't like what I'm doing so then she sits on my and I can't get away.Pfff if you want to interview somebody who is crazy call her.

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: Never talk to strangers, they suck!

- Any advice for the artists that are just starting out?
Yeah quit now you can never be better then me , so why try?

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Mr.Tvkillz aka BABE thanks a lot for the interview.