Tattoo Interview with Victor Herrero by iva kancheska 27/05/2013

 Hello Victor! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. You are very creative and dedicated person. You express yourself through many different art mediums such as canvas, digital art, tattoos, even graffiti painting. That must be a great creative journey!

Q: To be a creative person means to be open minder, educated, fun, well balanced etc. At least for me. What is creativity for you?
A: Creativity for me is the way how you play with the elements of reality .

Q: Which medium you love the most? Which medium gives you most creative freedom?
A: To draw... I think is the moment when the artist feel more free. The first layouts and sketches, are the moment when the concept starts for me, that's the most exiting part.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any influences?
A: I grew up in a really creative environment, my mom was an art fan, my house was full of books about art nouveau, gustave klimt, mucha and also the comic culture. In the 80s in Spain was a really good moment of explosion of ideas, music, rock and roll, graffiti, the street culture, I felt also really influenced about punk rock records covers, it was a massive fountain of icons for my mind.

Q: As I said on the beginning, you work on many different art mediums, from drawing and painting graffiti to tattoos. What was your first love?
A: All of them, there's different moment that I fell like to do it, for example if I'm one week full tattooing, I start to fell like I want to paint, when I paint I miss to draw... It's like a wheel with all these disciplines.

Q: How long have you been tattooing? Did you apprentice? If so, with who?
A: I've been working many years like an illustrator and doing wall decorations. Before I started my tattoo career, which was only for fun, I started 2 years ago like a professional. I started learning from a really old school tattoo artists, learning from watching masters and asking without shame. Tattooing is a discipline like everything, it takes time to learn but I tried to visit a lot of studios of friends and watching, asking and trying to get my own way to do it. Nowadays I'm working in INKYOURSKIN - ASTERDAM.

Q: Talking of your tattoo style, seems like all of your tattoo creations are custom made. Awesome! Would you say that you are the main creator in the whole tattoo process? Are you always supportive to your client's idea?
A: I always do custom tattoos, there's a process between the customer and me. They give me an idea and I play with it, also sometimes the customer only want something from my mind, but yes tattoo art is a mix between art and service to the people. I had a teacher in the art school who always said the artist have to be like a waiter or chef... He have to served a plate to the customer from a menu...


Q: How would you describe your tattoo style? Would you change something in the near feature?
A: I try to do this fun and beautiful... I'm changing and trying new styles. I like to play with styles a lot, but giving always something

Q: Would you tattoo some ready-made design (tattoo flash) from the internet or you simply prefer to draw your own creation for the client?
A: Always custom.

Q: Which designs are most popular in the past few years?
A: It depends on the location where you are, in places like Amsterdam and Germany people still like the 90s style, every place in the world have its own tendencies.

Q: What are the funniest experiences with the customers? Any memories to share with us? (laugh)
A: There are a lot of crazy things, you know I'm in Amsterdam, people who came here to have fun, do drugs and get tattoos, hehehehehehe so you can imagine...


Q: Graffiti painting, is something that really set you apart from many artists out there... Do you remember when was your fist creation? What was it? How did you get into graffiti painting?
A: I start painting graffiti in the 80s, I was a kid... But our graffiti was more punker than hip hop... I saw some guys from my neighborhood doing letters and bombing, I was hanging always around with them but I never felt like a writer, I always did characters and I was inspired by the skate culture and punk rock, but for me was a really exiting experience.

Q: Can you make a comparison between your painting style and your personality?
A: Yes, surrealism, crazy composition, chaotic essences, horror and fun!

Q: How has you style developed through the years? Can you describe differing influences that you've had that have formed your style through particular periods in your painting career?
A: After 2000 the paints market developed a lot of new tools, in graffiti like in a traditional painting so that change a lot the way to
produce art, after that, everything was more free, you could mix acrylic with spray paint, new markers with strong pigments, the tools develop the style of everyone.


Q: How do you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you use a sketchbook? Tell me about the making process.
A: Always, my favorite moment and highly creative starts in the sofa watching tv and smoking a join, in that moment I'm with paper and markers and I start to built ideas, that's my first step, always in relax ambient.

Q: Have you ever worked in a team, or you prefer to work as an independent artist?
A: I worked many times in team, always for wall painting I love to paint with people big walls.

Q: What would be the sickest or most mind boggling art piece you would like to work on? No matter the medium. Is there any piece that is still undone?
A: A lot, there are always some tattoos and paintings unfinished, tattoos depends from the customer and his economy.

Q: Do you still enjoy painting as much now, or do you feel jaded at all, do you still have the enthusiasm?
A: I feel always enthusiastic to start new paintings and tattoos, always like the first day, if I get the crazy idea.

Q: Are there any particular goals you'd like to achieve in your career?
A: Every time I learn something new, in whatever technique it's a goal for me.


Q: Art in general is like an endless salvation from all the negative aspects in life, what is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: Nobody have a talent, everything in life have to be learned and practice, you have to love and focus, always in what you do.

Q: Do you have any advice for the beginners?
A: Try to study, always from the people who were doing the type of work before you, that's for me the most important thing.

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