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My name is Vilma Costa I'm a Freelance Photographer, Producer & Digital Artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. I've always been deeply attached to the art world (music, drawing, tattoos...) Photography started to play an important role in my life when I became a model in 2004 and 4 years later I decided to see the world through the other side of the lens and became a Photographer :) And from there things happened naturally; The process of bringing my ideas to life brought a constant challenge to my work, and that was and continues to be the key to my growth as an artist. I Produce all of my Shoots, Shoot ;) and do the Retouching. I love story telling and colorful sets. I'm inspired by all the the beauty in the world specially in the little details.

"Beauty is in everyone and everywhere, you just have to look deeper" Vilma Costa

Q: What got you into this business?
A: I always loved every type of art since I can remember and photography came into my life naturally. I tried it for fun, got the taste of it and decided to never let it go.

Q: Did you go to school to study photography?
A: I actually went for 2 months and then left, guess I was expecting something different from that formation. From that moment on I've been doing some workshops in different areas to increase my skills.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?
A: Since 2008 :)

Q: What type of photography interested you at the time?
A: I look at Photography as a way to tell a story and I've always related to more alternative themes in photography and creating a personal style.

Q: Do you remember your first shoots? How was the firs experience?
A: Yes I do remember :) They were so sweetly innocent and inventive :)


Q: How much time is necessary to get the skills or taste for a good photography?
A: The taste is not a matter of time, is something personal and subjective. Something pretty for me it may not be pretty for others. But for skills it requires time - time to learn, to make mistakes and correct them, each person has it's own time. By watching you'll learn.

Q: It seems like you're inspired by the Vintage era. How would you describe your style?
A: I have a deep connection to the Vintage world, and that mood reflects me, on my work; I describe it as Colorful, Sexy, with Tastefully Suggestive Models and with and Updated Classic Mood.


Q: There is lots of expression in your photo-shoots. What do you think is most important in doing expressive shoot?
A: Feeling what you're doing :) You must be in the right mood, because these photos live from that expression. You have to be a little bit of an actress as well as a model. Every time I shoot I try to transmit those emotions to my models and then get the right colors and mood to put together the story I've imagined in my head.

Q: What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such an amazing imagery?
A: My inspiration comes from movies, illustration, animations, books, people, music... In fact I find it all over! I tend to absorb the little details and let my mind go wild with them!

Q: How did you choose your models? Are you making castings?
A: I choose them mainly because I see that special ingredient in them. Usually I don't make castings, but you'll never know ;) I look for charisma, strong character, the right attitude, dedication, sympathy and sexiness. I like to work with different and interesting people.


Q: Have you ever had some special requirements from the models?
A: No, I haven't ;)

Q: Do you have any beauty skin care tips or tricks to look fresh for a photo shoot?
A: The best of the tips is to have a good night sleep before the shoot.

Q: In a few words... What makes woman feminine on a photo?
A: Is a Woman feeling feminine, if you don't feel it you'll never that feeling across the viewers.

Q: What is the funniest thing happened on a photo session?
A: Me entering an exterior pool of an 5star hotel dressed in front of the guests to shoot.


Q: What reaction from a viewer makes you happiest?
A: I read all the comments about my work and every type of opinion is valid; The ones that congratulate you, the ones that give you strength to go on, the ones that constructively make you see things in another perspective,... every opinion is very important to me, and I like them all.

Q: What is the best way to balance personal benefits and the client needs?
A: Negotiating with judgment.

Q: Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with?
A: Creative Minds all around the world. Sharing makes you learn and grow.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers or even models?
A: Do it with your heart and don't copy! Inspire yourself in different places and things and create your own world of magic, or else you're going to be just another one in the crowd.

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