tattoo | interview with Erik Adamik by iva kancheska 19/06/2014

Today we're going to talk with Erik Adamik, a tattoo artist from Budapest, Hungary, located at Prestige Studio, check out his profile  and also working as guest spot tattoo artist at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk in Austria.

Hello Erik Adamik! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us a little about yourself, and how you got into tattooing?

Q: How old were you when you first did your fist tattoo? What was it?
A: I was 20. I did my first tattoo on myself, a dot on my knee.

Q: You're very talented artist. Your color portraits are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. But something that I find really unique about your work, is your ability to bring something new in every single design. How do you get inspired? How do you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you use sketchbook?
A: Thank you very much for your kind words. I get inspired from a lot of things, I try to use in my work every impression I get from life. For example, paintings, digital graphics, photography, books, films etc. I don’t use any sketchbooks, instead of that I use different works of any photographers or make a photo of a composition by myself. Then I make a basic photoshop plan from these photos. The colors, other details I usually improvise at working.

Q: I guess, talent isn't enough to be successful, I guess you're also very dedicated. How much time do you usually spent in your studio?
A: It depends on the actual work, at one day I make usually one bigger tattoo, or 2 smaller. It takes 8-10 hours. But in the future I would like to rest a bit more, concentrating at other parts of my life too.

- Do you have any special inspiring techniques, some creative environment that helps you in getting in the mood, stuff like paintings, music etc?
I used to paint a lot, but nowadays I don’t really have time for it unfortunately. So I tried this kind of artistic ambition to benefit my tattooing. I hope in the near future I will have more free time for painting.

Q: There are lots of styles that you do. Is there any tattoo style you find as most challenging, or style you simply most enjoy working on?
A: Yes, I like to experiment, I always try to avoid monotony. I’m trying to make every tattoo unique for my customers, which fit to them and to the theme too. For me the challenge is irrespective from the style. When the costumer's tattoo idea is individual and original, that’s the biggest challenge for me.

Q: Can you make a compare your art style since your very beginning with the style now?
A: At the beginning I used to search “my style”, I made a lot of tattoos in different styles, to see, which one is the most interesting to me. In that time I didn’t have an evolved style, which is typical of me. Later, I tried to make as realistic tattoos, as I’m able to make. But nowadays I try to make it in a clearer style, visualize in a more complex, lively, energetic composition.

Q: Have you ever thought to start working on something completely different than now? If so, what style would look like? (I can only imagine, since your style is already impressive) ;)
A: I don’t make realistic tattoos always, sometimes try completely different styles. That's because of the costumer’s idea, it’s necessary. But I feel I still have to be better and better in my style, I didn’t bring out the maximum of it yet.

Q: You are traveling a lot. How often you go on tattoo conventions? Do you think that tattoo conventions are nice way to meet lots of cool people and get your creative level up?
A: I used to travel to a lot of conventions, but it’s really tiring. Now I try to be participate just on conventions, which are more interesting. Unfortunately on the conventions there’s no time to meet and talk other people and tattooers, because I usually tattoo whole day and concentrate on my work.

- Is there any tattoo convention that left you the most memorable impression?
For me the Milano Tattoo Convention was the most memorable, in 2013. I got the "Best of Show 1. place” price, and it was a really big honor for me.

Q: Where are you now located? Please share some basic info about the tattoo studio you work in.
A: I’m working in Budapest (Hungary), in my own studio (Prestige Studio).

- Any guest spots?
Besides this I travel in every month to Wels and Wien as a guest artist. It’s good and enjoyable to travel the world and tattooing at the same time.

Please share your work info/website.
You can find me on Facebook:

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