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Regular Promotional Interview $55 USD
The Interview will be listed on our Front Page
(Latest Headlines Section for two months)
The Interview stays on our Interviews page forever.

Promotional Interview on our Front Page:
Big banner Image $200 USD
Big Slider Image $150 USD
Promotional interviews stay up for two months.
The interview stays on our Interviews page forever.


NOTE: Every artist we promote will be promoted on our social media indefinitely. Once you become part of our magazine, we will keep publishing photos of your art.

Promotional Video $110 USD
Tattoo Timelapse, Painting, Graffiti, Skateboard Art and any tattoo art related content. The video will be placed on our Eternal Marks or Get Inpired or Tattoo Life Style Section. The video stay on the website for two months.

Tattoo & Body Piercing article $55 USD
This is for freelance writers who want to publish their content here. The text should be well wrirren, interesting and informative. The article will include your name and your socials. The article stays on the website forever.


BRADNS | Tattoo Equipment, Clothing, Jewerly
Banner Image Front Page $450 USD
Banner Image Interviews Page $400 USD
Banner Image Events Page $250 USD
Banner Image Tattoo Page $250 USD
Banner Image Piercing Page $250 USD
Prices are for 3 months banner placement.



Facebook Marketing
Photo shared in Stories $35 USD
Video shared in Stories $45 USD
Photo shared as post $55 USD
Video shared as post $100 USD

Instagram Marketing + Pinterest
Photo shared on Stories $35 USD
Video shared on Stories $45 USD

How and When You Pay?
Send us and email at
Tell us what do you want to promote and the materials.
Payment -, for details send us an email.
Your content will be published 2hrs after payment.

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