Preparing for a tattoo session?


So you're getting a tattoo? Make sure you're prepared before your appointment.
"I believe any good idea can be represented in some way on skin in a manner that looks beautiful and fits the body well."

Know what You Want
Showing up at the tattoo shop having no idea what you want is not the best idea and potentially an indicator that you have not given it enough thought.

Work With Your Artist
Most people have a good sense of what they want, but the right artist will bring their own elements to the piece that you may not even have thought of. Don't be afraid to suggest changes but be open to any changes the artist might suggest.

No alcohol or drugs
Don't drink heavily the night before or at all on the day you get tattooed. Of course, you must not use any kinds of drugs or alcohol 24 hours before your appointment with the tattoo artist. Otherwise, consuming these substances can only lead to unwanted consequences such as bleeding. Make sure you are in a good physical and emotional place when you come in for your tattoo. Stay relaxed and get into the zone - that'll help make the experience a good one!

Sanitary Work Environment
The artist wearing gloves isn't all that constitutes a clean tattoo experience. Your artist should exercise Universal Precautions by OSHA. This means barrier protection over every object or surface that could come in contact with either their hands or the tattoo. Everything should be disposable. They should have bags over their wash bottles, machines, clip cords, and plastic over the work surface in the immediate tattooing area. Needles and ink should be disposable as well. Tubes should be sterilized in a medical-grade autoclave.

Inform your artist
Before getting a tattoo, you MUST inform the tattoo artist of any diseases that you may have, such as: hemophilia (difficult blood coagulation), hemorrhage? (quick appearance of bruises due to rupture of blood vessels), diabetes, allergy to iodine, creams, metals, blood pressure problems, pregnancy (possible skin problems, dizziness, inability to endure the tattoo process, droop). In the case of pregnancy, consulting a doctor is highly recommended. You must not be hungry, sleepy (tiredness and lack of energy may cause nervousness, uncontrolled movements of the body, increased sensitivity and, in some cases, fainting).

Good luck with your tattoo!