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So you have just had your first ever tattoo and you are already in love with the design and the way that it makes you feel. But what about the aftercare plan that you should be following? Well, the truth is that many of us fail to see the importance in tattoo aftercare and that is a real shame. There are some great products that help the process and here we’ll discuss how you can recover from the discomfort and uncertainty that may occur after the event itself.

Why bother?

It may seem a little excessive to some but if you fail to look after your skin after the tattoo, well you are just asking for trouble. Infections and scarring are just two of the issues that a badly looked after tattoo can leave you with. Essentially, we are talking about a medical procedure and what is the point in having this if you can’t be bothered to follow up with good aftercare? The good news is that by following just a few clear and concise steps, your tattoo and skin will be just fine.

Aftercare in steps

 We’ll walk you through the main points that need to be adhered to once you have your tattoo from tattoo Toronto in place:

Always keep the bandage in place for at least a few hours after the event. It helps to soak up any excess fluid or ink that may leak from the tattoo itself.

Before removing the bandage, ensure that you wash your hands first and then also wash the tattoo using soap and water.
Dry your skin with a clean cloth and then add a petroleum based product to your skin.
The bandage can remain off now as your skin will need to be able to breathe. If the sun is powerful in the day, cover the tattoo with clothing until the aftercare period has ended. Never pick or scratch the tattoo as this can lead to infection and eventual scarring.

Avoid swimming until after this period ends although it is okay to take a quick shower so long as you keep the tattoo dry.
You will get scabs at some pint but you must resist the urge to pick at those black and white tattoos. Use a moisturiser to relieve any itching and this will help with those urges.

The entire healing process can take up to 3 months but so long as you follow these steps, your tattoo will look amazing for many years to come.

The best products

As with any skincare regime, there are some excellent products and we recommend the following for the best results:

Dove – this is an unscented soap that will clean your skin without leaving any unwelcome residue behind.
Lubriderm – this is an excellent moisturiser that you can start using after about 2 days for relief and skin care after the tattoo has been completed.

The risks...

Let’s revisit the reason for this aftercare because it is often overlooked and that can be very risky indeed. If you think about the actual tattoo process then it becomes a little more apparent; your skin is actually being breached by a needle and ink. No matter how clean these elements may be, there will always be a risk of infection. Also bear in mind that your tattoo is applied without any type of anaesthetic and the pain itself needs to be dealt with on top of the rest of the after care. So here are the risks:

Allergies: You may be allergic to the tattoo dye and this is more of a risk if your tattoo is red, blue, green or yellow. The skin reaction can cause significant pain and the temptation to scratch that itch could prove to be too much.

Skin infections – Unless you take good care of your tattoo, developing a skin infection can be a real possibility. Not only is this painful but could also damage the skin so much that the tattoo becomes illegible.

Other skin issues – If you do not care for your tattoo as we have described in this article, you could be susceptible to keloids and these are an overgrowth of scar tissue around the affected area that raises your skin in a very unattractive way.

But don’t worry too much, so long as you have followed the information above, your skin will be absolutely fine after your tattoo procedure. Just follow these simple steps and using the recommended products in the previous paragraph, your next tattoo will be everything you wanted and so much more!