Interview with Christos Zorbas | Color Tattoo | Greece 24/12/2020

 Hello Christos Zorbas! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and what inspired you to start tattooing?
Everything started when I was 17 years old. I red an interview in a local newspaper, there was an answer to the question what does tattoo mean to you, and that answer was like a seed deep inside me. The answer was the blessing that God gives you to carve something on someone and he carries it with him until he dies. That thing got me, so on that day I said, “This is what I want to do with my life”.

Q: Do you remember some of your first tattoos? What type of designs you use to do back then?
A: My first tattoo was a Joker, did that on my best friend back in the day, such a bad result! Hahaha

Q: Today your work looks awesome! Tattoo realism really finds you well, creatively and technically, seems like you've mastered this style. What do you like the most about this style?
A: Truth is, I never cared so much about realism, I cared more about the feeling I could give in each tattoo at this point. I really love expressionism and the strong color contrasts on the final result.

Q: How much creative freedom you feel like you have especially doing realism where precise work and details are crucial?
A: As I explained before my aim is not the ultimate realism so, in agreement with the customer Im free to do whatever I want when it comes to the final design. So I’m free, so I can also hide my mistakes, hahah Im joking.

Q: You're very talented, I like how you combine more photos in one final design. Are you the main creator of your tattoo designs or you are willing to explore your clients ideas as well? Tell me a bit about the creative process.
A: Really interesting question, so the customer comes to me because he enjoyed my artwork, so if he wants to get the same result he has to trust me. The client gives me the basic idea and I rely on that for the final result.

- Any favorite tattoos you did recently?
My most lovely pieces nowdays are a couple designs I did with masks which are based on my photos I captured for the tattoos. I love fetish stuff and the passion of love.

Q: How much the support from your clients means to you? What are some of the most memorable moments with them while working abroad?
A: The fact that one can travel miles away from the other side of the world just to get tattooed by me is the best feeling. Although as sad a memory is at the same time, it is the one that fills me the most when a mother saw the portrait of her dead child in the hand of her other child. Such moments remain engraved inside you forever.

Q: In our time social media can be very helpful tool for learning and inspiration. I'm happy to see new artists popping up every day... I guess, if we ditch the need of comparison and the negative effects from it, I think it's great to be out there. How do you navigate your own way through that? Are there any favorite artists you look up to?
A: Truth is that I belong to a generation that those platforms were a school for me. Otherwise, what makes me sad is watching more and more people fall into these platforms and all they care about is likes and followers and they end up trying to show up and they don’t take advantage to learn from bigger artists around the world. That's really frustrating. I was influenced by so many artists the entire time and I’m still influenced to be honest. Some of them are Benjamin Laukis, Levgen and Kamil Mocet.

Q: I like the fact that more people are open for collaborations either working on guest spots or tattoo conventions, seminars etc. Our community has changed in a positive direction, as a result I don't think tattooing is taboo any more. Do you agree? Do you think there's a big room for (more) progress?
A: There is always space for more. I'm always trying to make progress. I love the contrast in my life so definitely a big thumbs up for collaborations. Especially when I meet artists with different styles.

Q: With the whole Corona situation, many for sure felt stuck... How it affects you? How do you plan your work schedule for the upcoming months? How my readers can book an appointment?
A: Covid-19 situation was really frustrating, not for us as artists but for the whole world. Unfortunately tattoo festivals couldn’t take place with the whole situation and that’s the worst part for me. As a human being I never believed in luck and I always wanted to take care of things. So I didn’t stop traveling even with that situation so I could work in countries without lockdown. I usually book my appointments through Instagram and via e-mail.

Q: Located in beautiful Greece, I bet even the place on its own is enough inspiring for an artist... How is the tattoo scene in Greece? Do you see progress?
A: My city is Thessaloniki. It is considered the most erotic city in Greece, so it definitely helps me a lot. Greeks have put tattoos in their culture for sure, they are open to ideas, they make big pieces and they like to be fully inked. The only negative when It comes to my style is that due to the Mediterranean culture the color of the skin does not always allow us to do what we want. Greek artists are evolving rapidly and there is a very beautiful noble competition. Also something that I notice in my generation and I really like is the relationships that artists have with each other individually, they exchange ideas and techniques and hang out with each other. Something that has not existed so much in the past.

Q: If you could turn back the time when you were just starting, what would you change?
A: Maybe I would try to find an artist who inspires me and do a seminar. I would definitely save 1 to 2 years of my life learning tattoo techniques.

Thank you so much for having me in your amazing magazine.
It really means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it.
Keep up the good work, Thank you.

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Thank you for the interview,
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