Interview with David Barrera | Graffiti and Tattoo | Spain 08/12/2020

  Hello David Barrera! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. It's a pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you. I really like your portfolio. It's super fun to see great tattoos, graffiti... oh wow! It seems like whatever medium you try to explore, there's something really cool coming out. I love it! Let's start with your love for gaffiti, how long have you been painting graffiti? They all look amazing!
A: My first love was with graffiti, I've been painting for 7 years.

- I like mural style a lot. I always get caught up in the character design, even if we speak about digital art. It's like there's always something more interspersed about characters, rather than just letters like graffiti bombing style. It's just my preference, although I must say, I love all kinds of graffiti styles. Do you develop any interesting stories with the characters like a storyteller connected to the place etc or it's just painting without any specific meanings attached?
The character almost always has a background, he always has something to tell.

Q: Are you part of a graffiti gang or you're by yourself?
A: Right now I am by myself, when I was younger we always said we were the FBA with the graffiti colleagues.

- As a graffiti fan myself, I bet a special location can be a great inspiration for the artist. Do you have any favorite places you painted or would like to in the feature?
Wynwood, I'll have my mural there soon.

Q: I can relate your tattoo art with your graffiti style in some ways. I see that you like tattoo realism and portraits. How much tattooing as a separate skill helps you to get inspired for your next graffiti painting?
A: Not really, both are different, sometimes, I get inspired by some character for a tattoo.

Q: Even though tattooing is a sevice type of job, you deal with people who have demands, still I bet your clients give you some sort of creative freedom when it comes to ideas for their tattoos. How often do you give them some suggestions about placement or colors etc?
A: The truth is, every time! They give me more freedom to decide on the subject for their tattoo.

Q: Tattoo realism is not an easy style to master it. It requires lots of patience, sharp eye for details and overall a great sense of body anatomy. There is no "edit" option or a another white paint color and "Let's start all over again" ... you must be very precise and skilled. How long took you to gain confidence in your work?
A: Well, you gain confidence over the years but you are always in tension so that you always give the best results.

Q: The most challenging body parts to work on?
A: Behind the biceeps is a very bad area for tattooing.

Q: What was the longest session you have had with a client?
A: Well, I have the Guinness record in November 2016 with 57 hours in a row tattooing non-stop.

Q: I'm so happy that people are recognizing your talent and you're getting public exposure. TV, and social media can help young artists not just as a marketing tool but for teaching the masses about great tattoos and quality work ethic. Congrats for getting your name out! Great talent deserves endless attention. I bet it all means to you a lot and push you forward in your journey. What do you think we the media should do in order to improve and give more space for the young people out there who are in the middle of their progress?
A: I think there are many things. They do a lot of things already, but perhaps to say something, we would have to promote more new artists so that everyone can see them and admire their work.

Q: This year was a test of character for many of us. Mentally, creatively... Did you have like a special goal during the lockdown(s) or you took time off for reflection?
A: Reflecting is always good, take advantage of this occasion.

Q: I bet you won't stop doing what you love any time soon... After a certain period of time, artists usually want to celebrate their work anniversary, with some special project like either publishing a tattoo catalogue/book or some expo... Do you plan something like that in the feature? I'll just suggest, illustrate a comic book with interesting story and cool characters, ah it will be so nice! :)
A: I don't know. I don't celebrate anniversaries.

Q: Seems like there are new tattoo artists popping up every day, or at least many are trying, which is cool. What is hard, is getting a proper portfolio and gaining a solid clientele. What would be your honest advice for those people?
A: Well I think the best advice is to make each tattoo the best possible no matter how small it is. Try to do your best, always.

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Madrid, Spain Instagram @david_barrera_artist
Ms. David Barrera Thank you so much for the interview.
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