Interview with Evans Desbiens | Aqua Trash Style | Canada 30/03/2021


Hello Evans Desbiens! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into tattooing?

Basically I was a graffiti artist and I was also a graphic designer so both of those things are involved in my tattoo style, the way I create a piece from the ground up in my own style.

Q: Do you remember your first tattoo? How was the feeling to tattoo someone for the first time?
A: The fear then, the excitement and finally the disappointment since it was not really great.

Q: Many artists start with doing simple designs and then slowly try to experiment with one particular style. Some even specialize in one style. How was your experience? How long took you to get to the point when you only tattoo one style?
A: You can be good in any style, but be perfect in one and master it well. It makes you stand out I think it's better in the long run to create a brand.

Q: I really like your style. It reminds me of my childhood! It brings so many memories and it brings that warm feeling. I see many of my heroes, villains and the way you portray them it's even funnier! Are you the main creator or you work with your clients on the ideas?
A: When I do flash designs, it's completely about me since they are designs that I create for my own pleasure, but sometimes the clients give me their ideas and let me do what I do best and it is to create that same feel and style.

Q: I bet every day at the studio is a fun experience. What are the usual reactions from your clients when you finish their tattoo? How does it affect you, creatively and emotionally?
A: The most common reaction is: “wow! It's like a sticker” or “it's 100 times better than I imagined”

- Do you have any favorite tattoo?
I really like tattooing anime characters, it's part of my daily life since I watch a lot of it. It's a trip that has never left since I read my first dragonball at 13 years old and I’ll soon be 40! I also love the tattoos from the universe of Mario Bros and Nintendo, since it’s also a big part of my personal life.

Q: Anime and new school... aqua trash... hm guide me a bit. Is aqua trash style something that you came up or a mashup from other styles? It look awesome, very creative!
A: Yes, “aquatrash” started because I loved the watercolor tattoos, but also the “trash-polka”, so it was a mashup of the two styles. Now, it has nothing to do with it. It's like a mixture of graffiti, lined shadow sketch like manga, sketch drawing (but not too much). The pixels joined the party afterwards! So, there it is, it's a bit like ‘aquatrash, but with my own personal madness.

Q: I see the new school style as a funny upgrade to the old school style. The style allows a but more creative freedom in a way that you can play with lots of colors and give a bit of a different vibe to the whole design. I've seen many of them, to point I might say it is a parody-comic style. But I absolutely love it. How would you describe this style? What do you like the most?
A: What I like most about newschool is the freedom of expression, there is no rule you have to follow, no plan as in the realistic style that you absolutely have to do good thing in the right place like a printer, although I respect that style. I find it so cool and rewarding to be able to render what I have in my head.

Q: You're very creative. I like your digital art a lot. You can do like a manga catalogue or a book with crazy characters and funny storylines, just a suggestion. Where do you sell your prints? Share some links.
A: I think your idea is really cool, a kind of book with some drafts and finished pieces, maybe. I could even include a little bit of information on how I developed my art. As for my online store, follow this link:

Q: I bet your talent gives you many opportunities to explore in different fields not just tattooing necessarily. Have you ever thought to try graffiti? I think you will be a brilliant painter.
A: When I was younger I did a lot of graffiti and I think that this little personal touch or twist in my tattoos comes from this background. I’m just happy I’m able to do it on my own terms and that people appreciate it.

- What about other tattoo styles? Any room for more experimenting? Like a different style, or you gonna stick to this type of work?
I really like trying to incorporate new elements into my “aquatrash” style. At the moment, I am working on realistic sketch projects, it will be released soon and I can't wait to publish the final results.

Q: Is there any "dream" piece that you have on your mind, like a back piece or a sleeve that is still waiting for a client? If so, what's that?
A: I would like to do a Demon Slayer back piece in my aquatrash style with big characters and lots of details. This anime is so good, it would be a fantastic project and achievement.

Q: If given chance, what would you tattoo on your best friend? I'm talking here, the silliest, crazy design ever? Hah!
A: I think a full back of cute anime could be really sick with a lot of details and make it borderline perverse!

Q: Tattooing is a beautiful job. Some say it's not even job, it's enjoying every day. It's giving someone a life - long gift, therefore it's an honor too. Tattooing is also a very demanding, hard job, sometimes it even takes time from your family life etc. But... at the end... What this whole experience gave you as a person and then as an artist? What's the biggest reward?
A: I really like the idea that people travel to have one of my pieces on their body forever. Everyday, when I think about that, I can't believe it. Myself included, I travel a lot for conventions, guest spots and I think it's wonderful to have the chance to travel all over the world to practice my art. It's such a special feeling to say that what I do reaches enough people to make me go on adventures like that. Getting started into the world of tattoo was my best decision… ever.

Q: We live in very weird, uncertain times during covid. Many are out of work, or barely coping. How are you? How is the studio's work flow? Are you available for bookings? If so, please write down your contact info and studio location.
A: Yes, I am booked solid for the time being. I open my schedule every six months, so the next submission period for new projects is May 2021. Here are my contact info:
IG : @evans_edy
Creative Custom Tattoo
2707, 1re Avenue
Québec (QC)
G1L 3N8
418-614-4274 and

Q: As a professional, full time artist, what would you recommend to all of those people who want to try getting into tattooing?
A: Work hard, never give up and above all, be determined. It is not a job that can be learned easily, but with enough practice and willpower, we can achieve our goals. Above all, watch a lot of what the other tattoo artists do. Do not think that you’re always the best, have the will to learn, outdo yourself and accept constructive criticism.

Kind Regards
The Team