Interview with Denis Komarov | Realism Style | Russia 15/12/2021

  Hello Komarov! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. I really appreciate and I hope our conversation will inspire many young people to learn more about the tattoo scene today.

Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. What made you to start tattooing? Hi I'm Denis Komarov, I'm a tattoo artist and I live in Moscow. Since childhood loved drawing. I stared tattooing in 2013, it happened by accident, I decided to try and I liked. Now it's an integral part of my life.

Q: What type of tattoos you use to do as a beginner?
A: I used to do black and white tattoos.

Q: I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio. It's like you can do almost every tattoo style. I like the color tattoos a lot, really cool mix of anime/cartoon style with tattoo realism. And then the black and gray portraits, also really cool. Which technique you like the most, color or black and white tattooing?
A: At the moment, I really like color tattooing.

Q: The color portraits combined with some comic characters... that mix... love it!! It reminds me of a cool graffiti painting. Can we name this style? I'm seeing some variations nowadays.
A: I call this style an illustrative realism, there are cartoon characters, realism and decorative elements.

Q: I like how you tone them and the contrasts are just adding more bold look. Is it true that color tattooing is a bit more complicated than black and white tattooing technically speaking?
A: Color and black and white tattoos are complicated in their own way.

Q: I must say, it really makes me happy that tattoos today are definitely a lot more than just a simple, ready-made design from a catalogue. I believe, we progressed because of this new generation of people who have an artistic background, like graphic design, illustration etc. The clients also want something more complicated and unique. I remember 2010 all it took for a "good tattoo" a cross and a rose... hah oh remember the early 2000? The tribal tattoos! What is your opinion on this?
A: Yes, we used to do ordinary sketches and trasnfer them on the skin, but when the ipads came, the posibilities increased and it become easier for the artists to make unique, interesting designs.

Q: Tell me a bit about the creative process. Do you draw sketches for each client or? Do you use pen tablet, photoshop?
A: I take a photo or several as basis and finish the drawing on ipad.

Q: Do you have like a "dream" piece that you want to tattoo on your loved ones? If so, what would that be?
A: I'm always in search, It's an endless process.

Q: Do you have a favorite ink brand you use?
A: World Famous and Eternal Ink.

Q: I saw some digital illustrations in your portfolio, but I think I saw some drawings on paper as well, ah the old school way. All look awesome! I bet, the new tech saves time but I believe the satisfaction to draw on paper stays. Which technique you like the most?
A: I really like to draw with pencil on paper, but ipad is an ideal tool for tattoo artists.

Q: What being a tattoo artist taught you? What do you like the most about this job?
A: Comunnication with the clients, understanding what they want from me and their reaction when I finish their tattoo.

- Would you change something?
I always change something, I'm looking for something interesting that can be added or removed so that the tattoo will look better.

Q: We live in very uncertain times now with the pandemic and many tattoo artists are struggling with the restrictions. How are you? How this whole situation affected you as an artist and as a person?
A: I began to draw more, so I see it more optimistically.

Q: Are you available for bookings? If so, please write down your email.
A: My eamil is