interview with Maxim Fedoruk | tattoo design | style |08/04/2019

Hello Maxim Fedoruk! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. It's always a pleasure to share some of my thoughts with creative people, there's always so much to learn and maybe our audience will find this interview as inspiring to try their way into this business.

Q: Please tell me something about yourself and when you get interested in tattoo art?
A: My name is Maxim Fedoruk I'm from Belarus, Brest. I'm 29 and I'm tattoo designer. I live and work in Brest, Minsk. All began from my first tattoo, it was a terrible tribal on my neck when I was 20. When I started searching new tribal to design a new tattoo (just to mention, I didn't use to like tattoos, I thought that's for fools) So, when I was searching for a new tattoo, I saw style that I like, it is called Trash Polka. I immediately liked this style and I thought it would be cool to create a design for myself. I used Photoshop a little bit so I tried and I did. My friends liked it, I uploaded on my social media, other people liked it too, and I thought "maybe I should start doing more sketches" so it started from there. People now tattoo my designs.

Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo artists?
A: I'm inspired by Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky, Florian Karg, Linda Minervas and Musa Lucas. Those are some of my favorite artists.

Q: Tell me more about the process, do you use sketchbook or it's all digital work?
A: I use Photoshop to create my designs. Photoshop opens many doors in arts, especially in the tattoo sphere. For example, you can always see how the design will look on skin. On a paper, it's too difficult to fix something, often when you finish something, there will be a new idea to add and you eventually become limited. On paper you should to redraw whole design, it takes a lot of time, on Photoshop you just replace the layer. As a basic ideas, I often use photographs, for example if I need to make a phoenix, I take head of the snake eagle, wings of the raven, body and paws from owl and tail black grouse. I like realistic pictures, true realism is so difficult to draw. I know that there is 3DMAX, but I'm old school, when I find all parts I start connecting in one, draw missing elements, make background etc.

Q: How long are you into this? Do you see a steady feature working this or it's a hobby for now?
A: I create tattoo designs more than 8 years, but at first it was just a hobby, now it's my hobby and my work, it's my life. Professionally, for 4-5 years.

Q: I bet many of the professional tattoo artist see your portfolio as a great source of inspiration. Do you collaborate with some of them?
A: Not with many, people order a design from me and I help them to choose a tattoo artist who will be able to tattoo my works. But there are some artists I collaborate with more often, I like how they tattoo my works, and I'm glad if my customers agree to travel to tattoo my design from them.

Q: Tattooing today is a lot more than just a simple ready made image from a catalog or a website, it's a custom made, unique design for each of us. This progress makes me really happy, it gives the industry a way broader look from many aspects. There's so much progress even from a technical aspect, we have got lots of new equipment, inks etc and so many tattoo conventions, expos, seminars. All bring a positive vibe and learning experience. What's your opinion? Do you feel like you, the graphic artists gave the tattoo industry a newer, fresh look from a creative aspect?
A: Yes, in many industrial spheres there is design department and production department Why it can't be in tattoo sphere? The creation of tattoo designs it's not as simple as many people think, some projects may take many hours even days. When the tattoo artists have a ready tattoo design to work on, we the designers save them a lot of time, so they can have time to better their skills on skin. I can also better my skills in my own field. It's a win - win situation for both parts.

Q; How do you protect your work from the copy cats?
A: I don't care, no professional tattoo artist will copy my work without my permision and without my original work. I upload only previews on my social media so even if someone does it, they only copy a preview which is not the original tattoo design to begin with, so I have no concerns.

Q: As a creative person, do you think some day you can try experimenting on different mediums such as oil painting, graffiti, maybe tattoo book etc? Would you challenge yourself?
A: Yes, I like oil painting, I rarely have some free time, I'm booked 2-3 months in advance. when I do I would love to pain, I have some picture ideas I would love to paint. I'm not sure that someday I'll start doing tattoos, I like creating tattoo designs, but not sure if I will try on skin.

Q: What would you say to those creative kids who want to try their best in the world of digital design? What's the best approach to create a professional portfolio?
A: I want to say only one thing, just do what you like. If you like what you do, you will only get better. Listen criticism, fix your mistakes, criticism is valuable.
Mr.Maxim Fedoruk, Thanks for the interview,
Kind Regards,
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