Interview with Siemor | Tattoo & Graffiti Art | Greece 11/05/2021

  Hello Siemor! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. I was born in Athens, Greece and I still live and create here. I haven't studied anything about art but I was a graffiti writer since when I was a kid and that made me better as a painter and made me want to get better and better.

Q: How you got into tattooing? Did you feel inspired by someone?
A: I 've always liked tattoos and been excited about it. Back then many graffiti writers that were friends of mine, started getting into tattooing and that inspired me. So, one day about ten years ago, I visited a tattoo studio, Nico Tattoo Athens and I bought my first tattoo kit and I start tattooing on my friends. That wasn't a big successful, haha. After a year I started as a tattooer at the studio. I stil work in this studio.

Q: Was it hard to learn tattooing? What was the most difficult part of learning the process? Did anyone help you?
A: In the beginning it was difficult, but I had really talented teachers and friends, working together at Nico tattoo studio and that helped me to get better really quickly at the technical part of tattooing. For example, my good friend Uncl Paul Knows helped me to evolve my art, also my ex colleagues, like Ozone, Chatzis, Taxis and Spyros.

Q: What kind of tattoos you used to do as a beginner? How did you form your style?
A: In the beginning I did all kinds of styles, except realism. I always liked to do color tattoos and bold lines, my style was formed because of this.

Q: I really like the mixture of neotraditional and comic style. It's so refreshing. Very nice color balance between the inks and always some funny note. What do you like the most about this style?
A: I like this style and it's really fun for me. Mostly I like doing designs like this because the clients give me a nice and clever idea and give me freedom to create.

Q: Would you try something different in the feature? Do you like any other styles, even if you're not compelled to do?
A: I want to keep my style evolving and to do a lot of big projects. I really like all the styles but mostly I like seeing Japanese, Neotraditional, New school tattoos. I think this kind of styles are closer to my own mindset.

Q: I really like the graffiti art. You're so great! I actually connect the graffiti designs with your tattoo art in a way. How long have you been doing graffiti? Are you a solo artist? Are you still active? What are some of the best places that are decorated with your art?
A: I'm a graffiti writer since 1998, I started when I was 14 years old. Most of the time I'm part of Wrong Face Crew(wfc). We are still friends. I'm not so active in the last years because I'm very focused on tattooing. There are so many favorite places that I have painted but my favorites so far are the abandoned buildings because they are not crowded and in the end of the day you will have a great picture to take. Also, the most important, is that you give birth to a dead place.

Q: Any other art forms you like? Painting, even photography? What do you do when you feel fed up by the busy schedule and inspiration is just off..?
A: I like painting on canvas. When I feel fed up I try to escape myself by walking in nature or going on a trip with my girlfriend or going out with my friends and drink some beers hahaha.

Q: It's important to keep an open mind with your clients and their ideas, I bet you're very collaborative with them. Do you have any favorite piece you did?
- If you can choose a silly design for your (best) friend what would that be? :))

A: It's very important to be collaborative with your clients because the design will be on their skin forever and the most important is to enjoy it themselves. I like all the pieces that my clients let me create for them, of course I hear their ideas and their preferences first. I have already done silly designs on my friends like a glass of beer or eggs with bacon etc.

Q: As a tattoo artist who likes color inks, do you have any favorite?
- Currently we are facing a potential ban on the blue and green color ink from the EU. What are your thoughts?

A: I like all the starbrite colors. Some of my favorites are aster blue, sunflower and Camouflage green. I hope this problem will be solved soon. I don't want these colors to be banned, it will be a disaster for us as the tattoo artists.

Q: Before covid, you were an active, travelling artist with lots of tattoo awards and memories! Congratulations! We are looking forward for great news again, hopefully soon. Currently, we are still going through this whole covid restrictions... and its consequences. How are you? How do you handle the covid restrictions and your work flow during this times? Are you available for bookings?
A: My country Greece follow really strict and partly unreasonable restrictions about COVID pandemic. The studio that I'm working is closed since November and I was fully booked. I cancelled all the appointments and I can't wait to tattoo again, to see my clients and discuss with them their ideas. Also, I can't wait to travel again. I miss this.

Q: How is the tattoo scene in Greece? Do you see progress, new artists and tattoo styles? Do you guys support each other?
A: Even if Greece is a very small country, there are so many talented tattoo artists and I'm glad about that. We support each other, we inspire each other and there is a remarkable progress because of it.

Q: As an experienced artist and someone who constantly keeps working, what's the biggest mistake everyone should be aware of... when it comes to progress?
A: Not to rest, not to lose your mind with all the success. You have to keep working, to progress as an artist and as a human being, to be kind with your clients and humble.

Thank you for the interview,
Kind Regards