Interview with Tania | Tattoo Realism style | Russia 02/12/2021


Hello Tania! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. I'm pleased to have you here! I'm sure that many people admire your work and look up to you. I bet getting into tattooing was one of the best decisions in your life, since I can see how passionate and dedicated you are in what you do. Let's start with some basic info.

Q: What inspired you to start tattooing? Do you have any formal art training? How did you learn the basics skills?

A: Oh, it didn't take much time to chose this way. As I remember the first time when I started to think about it I was in high school, I was 16 then. At that time I just got my first tattoo and it was a new experience. It affected me a lot! Therefore I was determined to learn this skill. In the beginning, I just watched the work of different artists, asked for everything I needed. My first attempts were in university, but they failed because I had to study and I didn't have time for anything else. Then I was ready to give up everything! But parents... you know. So after graduation, I immediately started looking for a place and teacher. I already had drawing skills, because I graduated art school and the university with my major in Design. I just had to learn new tools.

- What was the most difficult part in becoming a professional tattoo artist? Did you have any help from someone?

The most challenging part is to find the "right" environment I think. You can be a really talented artist, but you may feel like a fish outside the water. You should feel comfortable with the people around you. It contributes to your development and motivates you. For some time I studied by myself, but later I decided it would be much more efficient to have a mentor. I met Rinat in 2017 and we still work together in a friendly team and teach each other. While he is teaching me tattoo tricks, I'm teaching him drawing tips. I can surely say it is one of the most important partnerships of my life.

Q: What type of tattoos you used to do when you were a beginner? Would you correct some of them now? Hah

A: Of course in the beginning I didn't dare to take on big projects. It was something like small lettering, symbols, or graphics flowers. Later I tried to do my sketches. Sometimes my first clients text me and ask to get another tattoo. But nobody asked me to redo or cover my old tattoos haha! Maybe just a little touch-up. - How was the feeling to tattoo someone for the first time? It was so exciting and scary! I was afraid of hurting someone and I'm still afraid. I always feel empathetic for my clients, because I'm worried about their feelings. What if they get up and leave right now hah?

 Q: How long have you been tattooing? Since when would you consider getting on the pro level?

A: I have been tattooing for four years. But usually, I don't count the first half a year, it was like an introduction. Actually, I can't call myself a pro, I see my progress, but I also see my weaknesses and shortcomings. Maybe if I was in a bigger city, there would be more interesting projects and a better chance of growing faster. But I became more confident about 1,5-2 years ago.

Q: I like the constant progress I see nowadays. I see new artists and tattoo styles. It's so cool. It's like all of you add something new and unique. I think that's the goal of every artist is general. But when it comes to tattooing, I like to see an old style like the traditional tattoo style, mixed with new elements and renewed. We got the neo traditional style. Many are trying to master this style. I personally like it a lot. What do you like the most about this style?

A: Well, I had originally planned to work in this style. I got my first tattoos in old school and traditional styles and I still get it. Now I see how this style changes, it's pretty cool. I always liked line work and color gradients, stylized shapes, and restricted color schemes. So I use it. - I see that you only do neo traditional, would you (ever) consider trying other tattoo styles? Of course, sometimes I make realistic tattoos (color or black'n'gray) if somebody wants something really interesting to me. I have never made wife's or children's portraits, I try to find quite fresh and exciting ideas. I take great pleasure in making characters from games or the fantasy world.

Q: How long took you to gain confidence in your work?

A: I can't say I'm 100% confident. I'm constantly trying new tips and tricks so I never know how it will be. I think it just has to do with professional growth. Especially when you try new equipment and stuff. I'm still learning. Not by mistake, of course, hah. But I always keep analyzing my work.

Q: I like the precise detailed parts in the portraits. How long does it take to finish a portrait piece? What parts are the most challenging?

A: I don't like to make portraits of famous people because it's very easy to make a mistake at the beginning, at the transfer stage. And you get a completely different person. For me, the most difficult part is the specific and recognizable parts of the face: eye incision, lip shape, features. So I prefer to create fictional or fantasy characters because it doesn't matter how you depict them. The key is to make it harmonious. Usually, I spend 1 session (5-7 hours) for a regular-sized portrait and I admit the correction after healing.

Q: Would you consider doing a portrait of a friend or someone you love in a neo traditional style?

A: I've never thought about it, but if somebody wants it of course, I'd be ready to do it hah. Sometimes I can draw somebody as an illustration or comic character, just for fun. - How much you're open for suggestions from your clients? I'm a pretty mean artist haha. I have my taste and my sense of beauty, therefore I always listen to the basic wishes of the sketch, but I'll do it my way. It's not out of spite. I always discuss with the customer and propose the best versions of their ideas.

Q: I like the digital artworks a lot! I can't even pick a favorite... I think digital art and procreate gave tattoo artists an opportunity to explore new ways of creation. How long do you work with digital art? Do you sell some of your prints? If so please write down your contact info.

A: I've mastered Photoshop on my own at 14 and I got my first digital tablet at the same time. Now I'm 25 so I can say I work with digital art for quite a long time hah. But I've never shown a lot of my art, some of them aren't finished and others are not relevant. I would like to draw custom illustrations, but now I'm doing it as part of the tattoo designs. I even made a poster for the big Siberian tattoo festival, but because of the know. If someone wants to get an exclusive print by me, he can Instagram me @green.vesper

Q: Progress is very important in any profession. I think as an artist, it's always good to have goals and be determined. What are some of your goals when it comes to tattooing?

A: I won't say the "to become the best artist ever", it's stupid haha. My goal is to be constantly in demand as an artist in any corner of the world, always have reasons and opportunities to grow, make my tattoos desirable. - just a suggestion, it would be nice to do like an illustrated book with some cool characters. Neo traditional style! I know I would at least try ;) Just a suggestion. Yep, it's a nice idea, maybe when I have more arts and create my original characters I'll do it :)

Q: Where are you located? Do you work as an independent artist or do you work in a team?

A: I'm currently in Russia, Tomsk. It's a small cozy city in the center of Siberia. I'm working for "Module" studio, it's one of the most prestigious studios in our city. Please write down your contact info and studio location. Russia, Tomsk, "Module" tattoo studio

Q: We live in uncertain times now with the Corona situation. How are you? How much this situation affects you? Are you available for bookings?

A: Yeah, the most depressing thing is not being able to travel freely. Of course, there are no such strict restrictions on work in Russia and I still have enough clients. But also I can't attend tattoo festivals, participate in conventions, guest spots. Too many people are waiting for me for a long time in other countries and that upsets me.

Q: What would be the first thing to do once it's all over and our borders are open? Would you travel for conventions or guest spots?

A: Oh, first I'm going to travel exactly. I want to visit any new places and meet new people, I want to enjoy the music festivals like a Rock'im'Park in Germany or Hell fest in France. I think I will spend all my money on that haha.

Q: Prior, what were some of the best places you have been and did you learn something about yourself even from the experience?

A: I haven't been anywhere. But I can tell you that I was extremely impressed by the beauty of old Europe. I'm in love with small cities with their specific architecture. Based on my little travel experience, I can say sometimes I feel more comfortable with foreigners than with Russians haha. I mean, it's very important to me to be with only friendly and responsive people. Maybe I'm lucky I don't know, but every time I travel, I was surrounded only by kind and pleasant people. - Have you worked as a guest spot artist in a foreign country? Yes, I was in Germany for few times in different cities. And I wish I'd worked in Italy when I was there.

Q: What would you recommend to any you kid who just scrolls down your feed wanting to become a pro tattoo artist?

A: Start with the drawing, of course! I mean, drawing skills contribute to faster development, it allows you to see the image inside out and create something new and unique.

Ms.Tania Thank you so much for the interview.
Kind regards,
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